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Small Town Boys and Girls (Pty)Ltd started from a positive movement of small town people who are ambitious go getters that are driven to achieve their dreams and goals in life no matter what challenge or obstacle they may face in a small town. Instead of complaining that our Small Town’s do not have the same opportunities as a Big Town , we want to create opportunities for the small towns and its people.

Many people from small towns do not have the confidence to make their dreams come true. As Small Town Boys and Girls ( Pty)Ltd we want to be described as a “New breed of young Pioneers “ready to sacrifice everything, even though we do not have much in our small towns or big towns we have adopted as homes. We are people who simply follow our hearts and chase our dreams by applying our minds and skills. Even if we have small and limited access to resources in our small communities and towns.


A “sky is the limit” approach is what drives and fuels a Small Town Boy or Girl’s mind. We think out of the box , we think bigger than our hometowns, province, country or continent. It’s a vision of a better World not only for us but everyone involved .We want to compete with the best of the world even though we were born and raised in a small underprivileged and unknown town or village.

Longing to be trend setters,  go getters and successful entrepreneurs is what “Small Town Boys and Girls” focus is about. “Small Town Boys and Girls” mission is to put their hometowns on the map .We want to leave our comfort zones to look for better opportunities and greener pastures in bigger cities and battle with the great minds of this world BUT we never forget where we come from .A Small Town Boy or Girl returns home to make sure his or her small town will benefit from his or her knowledge, wealth and resources. Small Town Boys and Girls are those who are undermined by many but nonetheless they don’t care because they have the “I am going to make it attitude… “.

Lots of Small Town Boys/Girls are dreamers and believers, they are dynamite in a small packages waiting to make a difference in this world. Small Town Boy or Girl is a window for small town boys and girls to start believing in themselves. A Small Town Boy or Girl is chasing the dream more than the money, we are after shaping and building our communities by giving opportunities to our brothers and sisters who have never been given a chance to improve and empower themselves. If a Small Town Boy or Girl eats, all his or her small town people have to eat, we are never selfish.

To be a Small Town Boy or Girl means showing and proving to the world that it is not about where you come from BUT it’s about where you are going without forgetting where you come from and believing you can be anything you want in this world if you have the right attitude .

Our mission is to give hope to the underprivileged societies and community’s .We believe if you can dream it, you can be it. Always have a positive outlook…

We want to motivate parents and communities to encourage kids to spread their wings and fly and to also support the youth in whatever they are passionate about or choose to become in life. This concept of Small Town Boy or Girl is inspired by people who made it by themselves and gave back to their communities in any way they could to make life better for everyone in their small towns.

Not only do we promote UBUNTU but we also believe in working as a unit , “ two minds think better than one”. We help each other in any way we can without looking at what race, religion, culture, gender or group you are from. It doesn’t matter who you are.

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