Small Change Initiative

As we move on with our movement we become stronger and make dreams come true. We had a goal of making a difference in this world and we are determined to make a difference. We will be counted and we will be seen .We will be heard and we will be listened to. We are Small Town Boys and Girls and we are here for a reason.

Our Small Change Initiative is small but it will make that impact to our small towns. We simply ask of you to contribute the 5 cent coin that you don’t use for a good cause .Our bigger picture is to make a difference to Small Town Kids and eventually the country. The Small Change Initiative is born out of giving and being selfless. The coin that you regard as useless is actually useful to others in a way that we don’t understand . Our Small Change Initiative is there to make a difference to all kids , the elderly and disabled that are in a Small Town environment. The initiative also benefits Kids that have talent, potential and no support and finance to achieve all their goals and dreams. If such a simple coin can just be discontinued what is the ten rand in your pocket.

It’s very simple. We have  money boxes that we have been branded with the Small Town Boys and Girls logo and we need you to fill them up with as many coins as possible to make a change. Therefore, Small Change Initiative.  Small Town Boys and Girls ( Pty) Ltd will purchase 20 for now that will be distributed to a number of corporate companies but we want them to multiply to 40 , then 80 then 160 then 320 , until we can make that change .

We need your help .If you are interested please e mail . Please send your full contact details including Name, Surname ¸Address, Cell Phone Number and Email so we can send the rest of the details.


We would like to stress that this is a serious initiative and its part of Small Town Boys and Girls (Pty) Ltd social reponsibility . Small Change Initiative is a project managed by Small Town Boys and Girls (Pty) Ltd  which is managed by Molefe Mashaba , King Tshembese and Violet Ndlovu. We a young company that provides a number of services which include  STBnG Music , STBnG Gear , DIB Mobile and STBnG Underground Express .We aim to provide completely orignal ideas in Entertainment , Telecommunication and Investment Solutions . Small Town Boys and Girls (Pty) Ltd has sponsored the Piggy Banks from our revue we generate from sim card distribution and other services we provide . And we will carry on distributing the piggy banks as long as they are filling up .Further details regarding what we do will follow throughout the year . The main focus at the moment is getting a group of Saints together to make a small change in our country .

By taking the piggy bank and filling it up ,you are considered a SMALL CHANGE INITIATIVE SAINT . We can all achieve great things if we make this work . It’s very simple , get all those coins that are lying around in your car , purse , pocket , wallet , bedroom etc…. and pop it in there so we can make a small change . When you are done ask your family for those coins and if you still not done , ask your colleagues to help fill it up , go to the robot if you have to and just sacrifice that luxury. With the help of others the piggy will fill up in no time . The more money collected the better the contribution .The Small Town Boys and Girls (Pty) Ltd would prefer the money benefiting Small Town communities since we are there to motivate them to reach for their dreams and that they are not limited by where they come from .

The plan is to donate the money on the weekend of June 15th  2014. And hopefully we can all get together and celebrate a great  initiative .