Tap Awareness Project


Tap Awareness Project

NPO No 105452

What is TAP ?

TAP is an abbreviation of  Talent Awareness Project , an organisation aimed at unleashing the talent lying  dormant due to a lack of infrastructure , platform , career guidance  and moral support .

How ?

Through your assistance TAP is prepared to utilize whatever resources at their disposal to effect that  is   i.e To use our talent through music , poetry , painting, craft , sewing , designing , capentry , acting and  moulding .

  • The promotion of talents and the rehabilitation process of offenders within Correctional Centres Nationally .
  • To work hand in hand with other youth development organizations towards the process of identifying and developing hidden talents amongst the youth , and further market their talents to professional organizations .
  • To participate in the fight against crime and HIV / AIDS
  • To assist in the processes aimed at poverty alleviation
  • Motivation of meaningful social integration of offenders with the community
  • The empowerment of the youth , adult , women , and the disabled through the creation of job opportunities.
    • To help the disadvantaged , particularly the youth and women with the acquirement of skills to be self supportive
    • A project network and Academy Centre to deal with :
    • Project Networks
    • Construction
    • Pottery and Sculpture
    • Agriculture
    • Carpentry and Upholstery
    • Motor Mechanics , welding and steelworks
    • Formal Education and other micro projects in the sporting fields namely Football , Rugby , Netball , Swimming , Tennis , Cricket , Basketball , Karate , Boxing  and Bodybuilding


  • To ensure offenders are better equipped with the challenges of being outside without resorting to crime as an alternative
  • To ensure offenders exploit their innate talent while still inside so that they have something to look forward to when they eventually go outside.
  • criminalise by being committed to the promotion of skills development and acting as ambassadors of HIV / Aids awareness projects
  • TAP would also like to ensure it’s members are actively involved with the community sharing skills and where possible development projects with the intent of eradicating poverty.
  • It is our mission to ensure our nation participates particularly youth using their talent to conquer crime , drugs , gangsterism , women and child abuse and get interested in education.
  • To ensure our well trained , missionaries reach out to communities like schools and youth organisations to encourage them to learn and stay away from crime drugs and gangsterism .
  • To develop , rehabilitate , care and networking projects.

Important Note

TAP is volunteering this information for your perusal because we feel everyone has the right to know the source of the well they are drinking from ………TAP !!!

To All TAP Friends

You are cordially invited to tap dance with us towards a new are of Talent Awareness projects as a prospective partner / sponsor / board member …. etc .

TAP feels that your co-operation with the organisation could yield positive results in as far as promotion of talent is concerned .

TAP intends to extend to its friendly hand of gold to share in need test thy humbly golden handshake to turn their  fortune around , we TAP would like to assist you in becoming the best sportman , artisan and / or anything with the scope of realm. Just take a step and join  the below .TAP hopes and trusts that the information supplied in this brochure will be well received by whoever happens to be its recipient , should you feel the need  for further enlightenment please do not hesitate to contact any of the following people on the right.

MD Modiselle

Losperfontein Correctional Centre

Private Bag x 5010

Brits 0250

Cell 082 508 0397

Phone 012 254 0144

Fax 012 254 0038


MR U. Kunene 079 163 7749

Mr K. Kekana 073 753 5420