The Kids Initiative

Small Town Boys and Girls (Pty) Ltd would like to use its DIB Mobile service to help  “The Kids” in small towns. “ The Kids” is a song written and composed by King Melisizwe and MXO. It is inspired by the beautiful kids of our country and written and composed by two loving fathers.

The song has words of inspiration for all and it delivers a very positive message to both children and adults. It tackles topics like HIV / AIDS, abuse, under age sex, teenage pregnancy, drugs, alcohol and education. It is dedicated to the kids but we as adults should take the message very seriously as well .We are all parents as adults and we should start behaving that way. We don’t need to have a child to be a parent in our society either. We as people should start with basics like teaching our children to greet and encouraging the children to go to school to have a brighter future. Let’s send them to church instead of sending them to buy alcohol at the tavern. Children are our future so let’s help them achieve their dreams. Let’s give our children love and teach them that it is priceless. We are all beautiful people no matter the race or gender.

The song costs R5.00 to download, It’s a once off fee and it’s not a subscription. We will be donating  R2.50 to charity for every successful download. DIB Mobile a Small Town Boys and Girls ( Pty ) Ltd service will also be contributing to this initiative . To download SMS  STB to 36626. You can do this as many times as you want. Small Town Boys and Girls ( Pty ) Ltd will contribute the R2.50 to Visions Are Us and T.A.P  (a non profit organisation) as a donation towards all their initiatives and community activities relating to children. For more details about Visions Are Us or T.A.P and Small Town Boys and Girls ( Pty ) Ltd please read the documents attached on our Facebook Group  Small Town Boys and on this website.We will make sure that the money is used to help children in need and to build a bright future for our kids. You will receive a link after you sms the keyword STB , then simply click the link to download.  Your help will be greatly appreciated. The song is called “The Kids “ by King Melisizwe

For any queries please contact CONK  074 4444 883 or  .