DIB Mobile


Small Town Boys and Girls (Pty) Ltd would like to introduce you to DIB Mobile . This is a platform for artist to make their music accessible to every small town boy and girl in the country . The concept is very simple , if your fans have a WAP enabled / Internet Phone or Smartphone they can get your music and support you. DIB Mobile will be first launched through a WASP ( Wireless Application Service Provider ).There are several innovations being developed by Small Town Boys and Girls (Pty) Ltd and these will be revealed as the product grows .DIB Mobile also aims to tackle the unemployment issue we are currently experiencing in our country . DIB Mobile is also a sim distributor of all the cellphone networks in South Africa. DIB Mobile will be creating RICA Agents and offering training on how easy and simple it is to make money by activating sim cards from Cell C , Vodacom , MTN , Telkom Mobile and Virgin Mobile .We aim to create 1 000 agents in each province by 2017 therefore creating 9 000 new jobs .The main focus being Small Town’s .



DIB Mobile is delivering customised web- and mobile based solutions to musicians and bands.DIB Mobile’s short code number is 36626 . It will be mainly for music downloads from artist such as MXO , King Melisizwe , Riot , Ms Viciouz  , Cristyle Peter and many more to come .Small Town Artists have always had a problem with getting their music out there . The best way to do this today is via the mobile device or pc you are reading this message on.

The Terms and conditions for joining DIB Mobile are on the website .The contract is not bidding . As from the 1st September 2013 it will cost R350.00 to get the above package which will include more innovative ideas from Small Town Boys and Girls Pty Ltd . Contact us for more details.


Sim distribution

If you are unemployed and looking for an opportunity to make a bite of money while you are trying to find the right job why not speak to DIB Mobile . We distribute sim cards nationwide and we have several airtime vending solutions for you to start a small business.

Millions of sim’s are RICA’d on a monthly basis and South African’s spend over R3,5 billion on airtime every month . This is your chance to be active within this growing market . Simply send an e mail to dibmobile@stbng.com with all your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible . We would like to call on especially small town’s to take this opportunity because there is room for grow in small town’s and communities